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  • Yokohama University of Art and Design

In times of great change, what we need is creativity.

Right now, the society that surrounds us is continually changing at a great pace. By the time the current young generation reaches their parents’ age, we may be in a world in which AI has surpassed humanity and is evolving independently.

In the current age, you can purchase all sorts of goods and services from the palm of your hand, and all by cashless payment. It can be said that it’s thanks to various apps, advanced communication networks, and high-performance digital services. However, this cutting-edge technology isn’t the only thing that provides us with a prosperous and convenient lifestyle. From smartphones themselves to touch panels that provide smooth operability, none other than the power of design is what connects the most important points of contact between humans and machines.

Additionally, art festivals where an entire local community comes together are what improves the population of small, marginal island villages and energizes the elderly population. With the deterioration of public security and the decline of local industries, it is museums with unique appearances that help to change the appearance and feeling of cities. Art possesses the power to change society. It also has great potential to change the future.

What we possess that no AI can copy is the ability to search for more than just 1 correct answer, or having a unique perspective that is different from many, and in some cases biased. In other words, individuality.

Tokiwamatsu Gakuen, the parent school of Yokohama University of Art and Design, is a school rich with tradition that celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2016. Based on our educational philosophy which we have cultivated over a long period of time, we opened the Warehouse TERRADA Donation “Art Restoration and Conservation Course” in 2017, and the “Animation Course” the following year. Furthermore, in 2019 with the introduction of our new “Major in Photography” and “Major in Picture Book”, we continued to practice pioneering art and design education that fits the demands and trends of current times.

We at the Yokohama University of Art and Design work together through direction and support to help give shape to your creativity, add polish to your individuality, and make your dreams a reality.

On a campus full of greenery, let’s open up a future full of possibilities together.

Daisuke Miyatsu