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While trying various representations,
explore to find your method in 4 years
First-year Curriculum

First Year

Deciding your aptitude for your future field
Choose your main section and sub-section one by one.

By setting one of 3 curriculum models, you will learn other field models in a cross-sectoral manner.

ophomore, Junior, and Senior-year curriculum

2nd~4th Year

Choosing your course / Obtaining expressive skills to correspond to society
Choose a course and develop your work by learning higher expressive skills and techniques for your graduation work.

In the 2nd year, students choose a course from 9 courses and work on creating your expressive foundation.
In the 3rd year, students improve their ability to think and design as well as knowledge and techniques in order to obtain higher expressive skills and techniques. In addition, whichever courses students belong to, students can choose the Conservation and Restoration Course.
In the 4th year, students belong to seminars in small groups. Each student develops themes around the question “What kind of expression does society need?” with the aim of proposing works for society.

※the Conservation and Restoration Course

Curriculums for freshman-year students

3 different cross-curriculum models

In the first year, we offer three different cross-curriculum models: Section A (Paintings and Sculpture), Section C (Craft Design), and Section V (Visual Design). These models introduce you into variety of Art and Design fields.
After students taking the selected curriculum and other fields of study, learning a basic expression technique, all those learnings lead them to the sophomore year curriculum.

Division A Division A
Division C Division C
Division V Division V